Google Classroom & Online Learning Resources for Parents

Note: These resources are currently coming out of other districts an sources at the moment.  As the district makes more resources specific to our login process available, they will also be updated here.  For now, please feel free to access these external resources to learn about Google Classroom.

Our students will be accessing Google Classroom through their main login (similar to iReady login process) and then choosing Google Classroom button.  Many of our older students already have experience with Google Classroom at school.

Teachers will begin using Google Classroom at the end of April, following Chromebook distribution.


Information About Getting Started with Chromebooks

Internet Access Options for Families

Connecting the Chromebook to WIFI

Google Classroom

Parent/Student Stepper to Google Classroom

Finding Assignments in Google Classroom

Student Participation Attendance Stepper

Google Classroom (Spanish/En Espanol)


Stepper for iReady Access